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 Title  Order #  Price

 People Weekly 1988

"Beauty and The Bottle"
by Margaux Hemingway, FINE condition.

 # AA325  SOLD

 People Weekly 1988

"Children of Alcoholics"
"going public with a very private problem, these four famous people--and some courageous
kids--tell what it takes to live through a nightmare." NEAR FINE condition

 # AA326  SOLD
SOLD  People Weekly 1995

"Sunny Side Down"
"In a candid memoir, Mary Tyler Moore talks about: * Her alcoholic mother * Her sister's
fatal overdose * Her painful divorce * Her son's death * Her own battle with alcohol."
VG + condition
 # AA64  SOLD

 RAVE 1955

"Alcoholics - Not So Anonymous"
"when Hollywood Heroes lay off the sauce-- they land in the drink!" VG+ condition

 # AA346  $50.
 Reader's Digest 1944 Signed by Jim Houck
"I've Done It For 69 Years Jim Houck 12-12-34"
See Photos

"Maybe I Can Do It Too"
A Brief autobiography of the first New York Therapist to join A. A. Edward McGoldrick,
reveals he is a member of Alcoholics Anonymous. (Condensed from Argosy, Oct. 1944)
Fine condition.
 # AA120   SOLD
 Reader's Digest 1946 One man tells his story of drinking, why, how much, and his...

 # AA16D  $15.

 Reader's Digest 1946

"Why I Gave Up Liquor"
A personal witness reveals an alcoholic can recover through correspondence only with
other Alcoholic Anonymous members, because they speak the same language.
GOOD + condition

 # AA29D  SOLD
 Reader's Digest 1947

"Are Women Drinking Too Much?"
 # AA97  SOLD
 Reader's Digest 1947

“This article is largely based on findings of Yale’s Laboratory...

 # AA98   $15.

 Readers Digest 1946  

A short humors account of why the author dislikes cocktail...

 # AA15D  $5.

 Reader's Digest 1946 

A personal witness reveals an alcoholic can recover through...

 # AA29D  $20.

 Reader's Digest 1946

"I Hate Coctail Parties!"
A short humors account of why the author dislikes cocktail parties. He talks of the
reasons for having a party to the bad food, punches thrown after drinks, and his opinions.
Article does not have any Alcoholic Anonymous reference, just fun reading for all who
have had the "cocktail party experience". Magazine is NEAR FINE.

 # AA196  $10.

 Reader's Digest 1952

"Some Myths About Drink and some Truths"

 # AA341  $10.

 Reader's Digest 1953

"I Don’t Like Drunks"

 # AA340  $10.

 Reader's Digest 1956

"The Uphill Fight Against Alcoholism"
by Quentin Reynolds
"what is to be done for the thousands of Americans under sentence of death from this
scourge? Here is one city that is trying to find the answer." VG+

 # AA330  $20.

 Reader's Digest 1959

"My Name Is Robert. I am an Alcoholic"
condensed from Atlantic Monthly, author anonymous. VG+ condition.

 # AA338  $25.

 Reader's Digest 1959

The Insidious Nature of "Social Drinking" How to Stop Drinking.
by Herbert Brean,
VG condition

 # AA329  $10.

 Reader's Digest 1960

The Mysterious Medicine of A.A.
by Paul De Kruif, condensed from Today's Health.
Good + condition with a crease on front cover.

 # AA341  SOLD

 Reader's Digest 1962

"Women Who Drink Too Much"
by Neal Gilkyson Stuart, condensed from Ladies Home Journal. VG condition

 # AA339  $10.

 Reader's Digest 1963

"What the Alcoholic Owes to Marty Mann"
by Floyd Miller, condensed from The Denver Post. VG condition with crease on front cover.

 # AA332  SOLD

 Reader's Digest 1968

"The Sober Truth About Drinking"

 # AA102  $10.

 Reader's Digest 1968

“I Was an Alcoholic Housewife”

 # AA103  $15.

 Reader's Digest 1976

"Oasis Called Al-Anon"
condensed from Family Health by Robert Elliott. VG+ condition.

 # AA342  $10.

 Reader's Digest 1984

"Clancy and the Midnight Mission" Near Fine condition.

 # AA334  SOLD

 Reader's Digest 1984

"I Don't Drink Cocktails Anymore"
by Alanson B. Houghton
VG condition

 # AA344  $5.

 Reader's Digest 1985

“Sober Advice about Drinking” VG condition with 1 inch tear to bottom front cover.

 # AA336  $10.

 Reader's Digest 1985

"Why American's are Drinking Less"
by Ronald Schiller
VG+ condition

 # AA333  $10.

 Reader's Digest 1986

"Unforgettable Bill W." Near Fine

 # AA160A  $20.

 Reader's Digest 1986

"Unforgettable Bill W." Near Fine

 # AA160  SOLD

 Reader's Digest 1986

"When Your Child Drinks"
by Stanley L. Englebardt
"millions of American teen-agers have a problem with alcohol. If your son or daughter is
among them, help is available."

 # AA331  $15.

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